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19th Century English "Unofficial Farthings" 1838-1870

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These tokens, all farthings in size and value, were issued by merchants for use as small change during the reign of Queen Victoria.

This interesting group of tokens were struck primarily by merchants during the years 1837-1870. Being of approximate farthing size, and used as both advertising pieces and small change where needed, the name "Unofficial Farthings" was given to the group. Listed by R. C. Bell in his work on the subject, they have been expanded upon by Bell-Whitmore-Sweeney in a 1994 update, Bell's Unofficial farthings -- a Supplement. The update lists the pieces in a more fluid manner, with totally adjusted rarity ratings. One needs both books, however, as the update lists many more pieces, but concords to Bell's original work for description.


See the history page for more information about these tokens (not currently available).


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