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English "Evasion" Halfpennies

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Produced mainly between 1782-1797, these "coins" bear unusual legends. The producers were trying to "evade" the counterfeiting laws, and succeeded for the most part.  Today, we are left with a grouping of wonderfully strange "coins" that actually saw circulation in the late 1700's.

These pieces are certainly among my favorites. Nearly all are in lower grades as they were MADE to look worn, so the public would accept them. The grades listed are not, therefore, really important in the scheme of things many were struck so weakly that the finest known is "fair." Some are common, but most are scarce to rare. Grading description will reflect my knowledge of how the piece is usually found. Reference numbers are from Atkins, 1891, and Cobwright, 1993. Most all have a bust on the obverse, and either a Seated figure or a Harp on the reverse. A "S" or a "H" will be used to tell you which, and the listing will be by the legends which can be quite unusual. A fun series, good for a lot of laughs, and a part of the English token history that can't be ignored.



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