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United States George Washington Pieces

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All of the Washington pieces listed here have been sold.
Please ask, as I may have something not pictured.

Coin / Token Photos Date Description / Variety
Penny 1783

Washington Georgius Triumpho. This token/coin is really the first post confederation Colonial piece. The bust looks for all the world like George III, but the entire piece speakes to it being George Washington. The obverse legend is "Georgius Triumpho", and as we know, George III was on the losing end. The reverse, featuring Liberty behind a screen held up by Fleur De Lis, also is a direct reference to France's role in the US victory. Known to be of the correct date, as it was in circulation around 1783. Also punch linked to evasives of the period. Thus, it is an evasion, a Colonial, or whatever. VF+ for issue, with some hair detail and quite a bit of detail on the reverse as well.

penny 1783 Washington "Unity States". Bust to left/Unity states legend. These come with striations in the flans as made, with the reverse especially noted for them. This one is no exception. These are often very weakly struck in the legends as well. This piece does have some obverse legends a bit weak, but the reverse is especially strong, and the piece easily merits an AU grade.
penny ND Washington Double Head cent. His bust on both sides, and a very sharp EF. Seldom found this nice.
penny 1783

Washington Large Military Bust. Bust to L/Liberty seated. Large button variety. These were struck in or around 1820, though the date is 1783. EF+, very choice on the obverse, just a bit flat on the reverse.

penny ND Washington Liberty and Security Penny, Midd 243. RARE item, other than one small scratch in the obverse field, and light roughness on the rim, this piece is about perfect. Near UNC.
Penny,or Medal 1800 Middlesex 245 BIS
1/2d 1795 Washington Grate Token Midd 283a Issued by Clark and Harris, London, this piece was made to circulate in the UK -- and did!! Bust to right/A register stove. Full hair roll -- the high point on the token -- and red in the devices. It is UNC -- however there are 2 small rim tics and 4-5 medium scratches in the center of the stove area -- which keeps it from the $850 level. Net EF.
Penny 1791 Washington Large Eagle Midd 1049
Penny 1791 Washington Small Eagle Midd 1050
Penny 1793 Washington Ship Token 1793 Midd 1051. Bust Washington/Ship sailing. Usual weaknesses, some die buckling as usually seen on these, causing weakness in the centers on both sides, and at the top of the ship's rigging. Net shall be VF.
1/2d 1795 Washington Liberty and Security, Midd 1052a. George Washington / Shield of the USA. Weakly struck on Washington's head, as is the plate coin in the Red Book--but the lettering, and shield and eagle on the reverse are easily GVF of better. Scarce, lovely color, nice piece.
1/2d ND Washington "North Wales" Midd 1052 Bis. Bust Washington/Harp. Evasive token, listed in Cobwight (1993). Rather beat up, some scratches on the reverse. Nets fine for grade, eye appeal is VG or so.
Medal 1799 Sansome medal, original strike. Usual die rust, per Baker, Medallic Portraits of Washington, the die was polished for the restrikes, and none of them show die rust. The other diagnostics are correct as well, this piece a Baker 71a. Rare original strike.

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