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Dr. Richard Doty Reference Collection

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  • NOTE Items with a ** are plate tokens from Dr. Doty's book The Soho Mint and the industrialization of Money.

Coin / Token Photos Date Description / Variety
Anglesey 380
1790 Pattern token (2 shown), one struck out of collar, one in the collar. First collar strikes. About UNC.
Angusshire 14. ND Croom's arms/Legend. UNC.
Wales,Carmarthen 7. 1792 Interior of Iron Works/Interior of forge. Some red, UNC, figures with some detail.
Cornwall, County 2 ** 1791 Druid/Arms. Cornish copper, half an ounce. EF
Hampshire, Basingstoke 1. 1789 A Barge/Wheelbarrow, & C. Very nice example of a rare shilling token.
Hampshire, Portsea 79a 1796 St. George, Dragon/Ship, fish. Fully lustrous UNC, prooflike and really not improvable.
Hampshire, Portsmouth 84   Helmed bust to Left/Shield. this token RR, super UNC, only 24 struck!!
Hampshire, Portsmouth 89** 1791 Helmed bust to Right/Shield. one spot on this proof token.
Hertfordshire, Stortford 4** 1795 River scene, Arms. Full luster prooflike UNC on a bronzed flan.
Scotland, Inverness 5. 1796 Rose and Thistle/Cornucopia. RARE item, GF.
Scotland, Glasgow 2** 1791 A River God/Arms of Glasgow. Bronzed Proof, very nice.
Lancashire, Halsall 1. ND Arms and Supporters/Halsall D. Without question the best one of these I have seen, UNC or very close to it, with some red in the devices.
Lancashire, Eccleston 58** 1794 Bust Eccleston/Ship. Bronzed UNC.
Lothian, Edinburgh 9. ND Palm Frond/Sells Seeds &c. Archibald's. this a RARE variety. Bronzed AU.
Cheshire, Macclesfield 9. 1789 Beehive, Bees/Genius with mining tools. This example the D&H plate token. One of just a "Handful" struck.
Nottinghamshire, Arnold 3. 1791 Hanging Fleece/Fasces, &c. A Shilling, all are very scarce, this one a nice VF.
Nottinghamshire, Arnold 4.** 1791 Hanging Fleece/Fasces. Sixpence. GVF, nice.
Nottinghamshire, Arnold, 4. 1791 Hanging Fleece/Fasces. Sixpence. Actually a tad better than the last one listed, and it has been silvered, which is not listed such in D&H. GVF.
Ireland, King's County 1.** 1802 Arms and Supporters/"Payable at Tullamore". Thirteen pence--(the Irish Shilling)---This piece a gem proof. A "wow" token!
Warwickshire, Birmingham 1. 1788 Man with receiving Alms/Cypher. Birmingham workhouse token, Half Crown value--(Two shillings sixpence). This piece with wonderful surfaces, and UNC. Most of these have marks and problems, this one among the finest I have seen.
Warwickshire, Birmingham 4. ND Bust Nelson/'1" incuse. (One Shilling token). UNC, very rare, the only flaw being on the reverse where it matters little.
Warwickshire, Birmingham 6.   Caesar's Castle/Cypher. Peter Kempson's token. this one really worth owning, very nice example, luster UNC.
Warwickshire, Birmingham 20.   Lion sleeping in cave/Cypher. Wyon's token, a superb example with luster, and one that I like a lot -- UNC.
Warwickshire, Birmingham 30. ND Bust Freeth/The Birmingham Poet. This one struck on a very large heavy flan. Nice, UNC, and unusual size.
Warwickshire, Birmingham 33.   Bust Joseph Priestly/Implements of science. RARE, and UNC.
Warwickshire, Birmingham 34.   The Monster Sedition/A Snake in the Grass. Nice AU+ example, with no tin pesting at all, and some luster. White Metal.
Warwickshire, Wilkinson 336. 1788 Bust Wilkinson/Ship. A high grade example of this scarce token (High grade being anything over VF) -- GVF.
Warwickshire, Wilkinson 393. ** 1793 Bust Wilkinson/Man at Forge. Bronzed Proof. One mark -- Very nice, better than photo.
Ireland, Wexford 15. 1800 A Phoenix over a cypher/Woodcock's Bank. RARE, and especially in this grade of VF+.
Wiltshire, Salisbury 12. 1791 Bust to Left/Cypher. this piece was Bell's plate token. AU+.

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