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Bill McKivor,

The photos displayed are tokens from my stock, and are presented as examples of the types.
Some may be still in stock, and for sale. The descriptions are below the images.

Photography by Eric Holcomb
click on photos to enlarge

Angusshire 10, a Public Building/Ship at a Quay. Ayrshire 5, Fullerton's pattern penny. RARE.

Buckinghamshire, Amersham 2a. Musical instruments, /"Peace" &c. Carmarthen 7, workmen, interior of iron works/interior view of forge. One of the most detailed tokens in the series, and very hard to find in high grade detail.

Dublin, Bryen's D&H 384. Farthing, rare. Gloucestershire, Newent D&H 64, issued by Morse. An apple tree and shield/legend in a spiral.

Kent, Goddington 23. Brass, 1767. Included in D&H for a reason that escapes me, as it is a hop token and a fairly rare one. Lothian D&H 52, View of building/Scotia seated, ship and shield. Supposedly 100 struck but it must have been 200.

Middlesex D&H 180 Bis1. Obverse of #180,George III/ "Frogmore" reverse. The second token would thus be Middlesex D&H 180 Bis 2, as it has the same "Frogmore" reverse. The obverse, however is a rare one of Queen Charlotte.  These are very rare medals struck from dies also used for tokens. Middlesex D&H 181. Struck in silver. George III/Alter and Snake. This token struck to celebrate the King's recovery from "Madness" in 1789.

Middlesex D&H 192 -- George III/Regalia upon a pedestal. This in gilt copper, and quite choice. Middlesex D&H 342, Ibberson's issue, George slaying the Dragon/Mail Coaches, &c. The last is Middlesex D&H 378, Meymott's. Britannia obverse, Arms of London reverse, "Scales & Weights.

Middlesex 465. A man holding a picture/Sea shells on the shore. The obverse from a famous painting of the connoisseur and the tired boy. Issued by Ratley. Very handsome token, considered RARE, but a few more seen than that would allow. Very popular, however. Middlesex 520 -- a man in chanins with a padlock on his lips/Knife and fork chained to a plate. Anti sedition law token, and quite interesting, as is the last in the group, featuring three men hanging/and an anti-Jacobin sentiment.

Norfolk, Yarmouth D&H 54. Female with scroll/Britannia seated, receiving homage from Asia, Africa, and America. Well made and interesting piece. Renfrewshire, Paisely D&H 2, View of church/Interior of church. Penny piece. The final piece is Staffordshire 23, Tamworth castle/Cypher. Nicely done and difficult to locate.

Warwickshire 31 -- this an auctioneer's penny token featuring a man behind a counter holding scales. The reverse has the hand and the hammer, and Jacob's legend. The second token is Warwickshire D&H 317, Webb's token. Very rare, a woolpack on the obverse/arms on the reverse. The last is Warwickshire 322, Bust of Shakespeare/Pandora's Breeches.

Warwickshire 337. This token is the first silver "Conder", meant by the issuer, Wilkinson, to be a shilling token, but he changed his mind. Very few struck. Bust of Wilkinson/A ship. Wilkinson made the first ship out of iron -- people lined the shores to laugh when it sunk, as they thought it would, but of course it did not, but floated right well -- the second token is Worcestershire, Hagley D&H 21, with a man fishing on the obverse, and a tree and snail on the reverse. The last in the row is Yorkshire Sheffield D&H 58, men at a forge/Arms. This is a rare token that is usually too weak to see any obverse detail. The one pictured has some mint red.

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