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This site is dedicated to fine English and American coins and tokens. Our specialty is "emergency coinage," issued to fill a need for small change in society. Listings of 17th through 19th century issues, primarily coppers, are linked here for your pleasure. I hope you enjoy it Bill McKivor.

Examples of numismatic items covered by this website: British/English: 17th-19th Century tokens (including "Conder tokens"), Boulton & Watt items, evasion halfpennies, unofficial farthings. United States: Colonial coins and tokens, Hard Times tokens, Civil War tokens, merchant tokens. Other: books, medals and "Fun Stuff!"

Bill was one of the leading Conder token dealers in the U.S., but has now sold the business see below. You're still welcome to contact Bill if you have a question or just want to say hello.


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The Copper Corner - New Owner!


Updated 8/11/2020.
The price list linked below, #100, is Bill's last offering, at least of Conder Tokens. The Copper Corner has been sold; the new owner has taken over. He has built a modern web site that has excellent-quality photos and a check-out system to buy items. His name is Brian Herriott. See the new website, and request to be added to his mailing list if you haven't already.

This has been a fine ride, with wonderful customers, and I will not really be gone. I am keeping The Copper Corner website, and on it you will find medals, western Americana, and other things that I have accumulated. You may even be able to buy one of my classic cars, all drivers!

Price Lists (updated 6 May 2020 - FINAL LIST!)

Im ready to browse or buy ... take me directly to the price lists!
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Introduction and History
including Bill's "Boulton and Watt Soho Mint collection"

I'd like to learn more about the history of the tokens and the times, and how the numismatic items connect with that history (includes many photos)!
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Other Information

I need additional information, for example about Bill, about grading, sales and ordering, or about other related numismatic websites.
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Updated 1/31/2017.
As of June 10, 2013, you could access this website via the alternative address However, this name has been transferred to Tim Rollins, and no longer forwards to The Copper Corner. Please note that "token" is singular in this name; there is no "s" on the end.


Also see "Bill's Taxis and Cars" page!

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